Del M. – Timnath Resident & Historian

“A portion of the preamble of the Timnath Home Rule Charter expresses the desire of the citizens to avail themselves of self-determination in town affairs as well as to provide a less complicated government more responsive to the people. At present, there are Timnath neighborhoods that believe they are not adequately represented by the current at-large electoral system. In 2015 as part of the adoption of the Home Rule Charter, Timnath residents voted to establish electoral districts when the town reaches 8,000 registered voters. If you believe, as I do, in a more representative and responsive town government vote NO on 3H in November. Now is the time.”

Wade F. – Timnath Resident & Community Organizer

“I’m VOTING NO ON 3H because it’s the wrong response to a real problem. Most Timnath neighborhoods are underrepresented on town council. That’s the problem. Establishing voting districts is the solution, and that’s why Timnath voters approved a transition plan and timeline in 2015. Measure 3H is an attempt to override a voter-approved plan and delay full and fair representation on town council. Vote no on 3H.”

Matt W. – Timnath Resident & Community Organizer

“Ballot measure 3H will lead to Taxation without Representation. As a Timnath resident I expect equal representation for my vote, not less. We should be increasing the number of council members and creating voting districts as our population grows, not keeping the level of representation the same. I’m voting NO on Ballot measure 3H because it simply does not add up to fair representation for Timnath residents.”

Cat & Don D. – Timnath Residents

“We are new residents of Fairview Village in Timnath.  We were surprised to learn that we did not have our own district representative on the Town Council.  I understand that the Timnath voters supported district representation when 8,000 registered voters was achieved.  We are close to achieving that goal now and the Town Council wants to change the total to 15,000 or “kick the can” down the road another 5-10 years.  The promise of a vibrant and growing Old Town in Timnath was one of the reasons for moving to Timnath.  That vision seems to have stalled without having our own representation.  On November 8th we will vote NO on 3H to move the goal posts to 15,000 registered voters.”

Becca B. – Timnath Business Owner & Resident

“With 4 years as a Timnath business owner and resident, I have seen the population of this town explode. It is vital that we continue nourishing a community where everyone’s voice is heard. Voting No on 3H measure would ensure that we all get an equal chance for participation in town council decisions that effect all of us. I support Together4Timnath because I believe in this community’s voice. That’s why I am voting NO on 3H

Vote NO on 3H

Neighborhood Representation Matters

Voting NO on 3H means Timnath will stick to its voter-approved plan and establish voting districts in Timnath. Click to cast your ballot by November 8th, 2022!

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