Let Your Voice Be Heard

As Timnath’s population grows, new voices and civic energy are emerging. That’s good for everyone. VOTE NO on QUESTION 3H.

Time for a Representative Town Council

Ballot measure 3H is a bad idea as it would delay formation of voting districts by 10-15 years. VOTE NO on 3H to ensure fair representation for ALL Timnath neighborhoods.

Timnath Voters Have Spoken

Timnath residents voted in 2015 to establish voting districts when the town reaches 8,000 registered voters. We’re almost there. VOTE NO on 3H to stick to the voter-approved plan.

Fair Representation with Unite Timnath Neighborhoods

Neighborhood representation matters. A “no” vote on 3H means we move forward with FAIR representation for all Timnath neighborhoods.


Timnath residents voted in 2015 to establish voting districts when the town reaches 8,000 registered voters. We’ve just about reached that threshold, but now town council wants to override the voter-approved plan and delay creating voting districts until we reach 15,000 registered voters.

Timnath’s historic town center has a unique and overlooked role to play in the success of the larger community that bears its name. Yet, Old Town Timnath, along with Fairview Village, Timnath Lakes, Serratoga Falls, WildWing, Trailside and other neighborhoods, are disadvantaged by the current at-large electoral system, which favors Timnath’s larger neighborhoods. 

Let’s unite our neighborhoods with fair representation for all of Timnath.

About Us

Together for Timnath is a grassroots campaign powered by Timnath residents with an interest in ensuring all of Timnath is fairly represented on town council. A “no” vote means we’ll stick to the existing voter-approved plan to establish voting districts once Timnath reaches 8,000 registered voters.

To learn more about the campaign, please contact us.

“Neighborhood representation matters and it’s important that all of the neighborhoods of Timnath have a voice on the town council. I urge you to vote “No” on 3H so Timanth can move forward with FAIR representation for all neighborhoods.”

Larimer County Commissioner Jody Shadduck-McNally

“As a former city councilmember, I know that representation matters. Voting districts ensure that all voices in the community are represented and heard. I urge you to vote “No” on Questions 3H because Timnath residents deserve neighborhood representation in their town council.”

Larimer County Commissioner Kristen Stephens

We Need Your Help - We're half way there!

Join us in the efforts to tell voters to VOTE NO ON 3H by giving today to get our message out. We are closing in on achieving our goal to raise $11,000 by October 30th to cover printing, social media, and other campaign costs.

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Your Vote Counts

Vote NO on 3H

Vote NO on 3H

To create three voting districts from the time after an election when the Town has 8,000 registered voters
Vote NO on 3H

Vote NO on 3H

To keep the Town Charter as it is currently written
Vote NO on 3H

Vote NO on 3H

To increase the Town Council to seven members after the Town has 8,000 registered voters

Community Endorsements

Read what Timnath residents & business owners are saying about ballot question 3H.

Cat & Don D. – Timnath Residents

“We are new residents of Fairview Village in Timnath.  We were surprised to learn that we did not have our own district representative on the Town Council.  I understand that the Timnath voters supported district Read more…

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